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What might the Augar review mean for Wales?

This post originally appeared on Wonkhe. In Wales, we’re not used to seeing Wales feature heavily in UK-wide news coverage of major English policy announcements. The blurring of lines between what is and isn’t devolved is a common frustration for wonks in Wales and one which finds a regular outlet on Twitter accounts such as

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Where now for degree apprenticeships?

This blog appeared on IWA for National Apprenticeship Week. People often talk about the distinction between academic and vocational education, with academic study being seen as more theoretical and associated with universities, and vocational study being more occupation-focused and associated with work-based learning or further education providers. But this divide fails to accurately reflect the

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How might Brexit affect higher education?

This article originally appeared in the Western Mail on Thursday 13 December. Recently the headlines have been dominated by Brexit and what deal, if any, we are likely to have. The impact of Brexit on higher and further education was recently the focus of an inquiry by the Children, Young People and Education Committee at

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